SriDit waterfall

A large waterfall on Khao Kor where the water flows from those complex mountain, to Thung Salaengluang National Palk, Kaeng Sopha Waterfall etc

At Sridit Waterfall there is an old water mill built by the communist rebels to mill rice. They used the noise of the waterfall to mask the thudding sounds of the milling process.

This beautiful waterfall is available for tourism all year long. There is a pond at its base that swimming is available in Winter and Summer, but too danger, whilst beautiful,in Rainny Season.
Its water flows from Salieng Haeng canel on Khao Kor , passing over this wide curtain-liked cliff then flow in parallet with Phitsanulok-Lomsuk road.
Not far from the fall there is Water Whell and rice miller remains of the previous communist existing.

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