-Nam Nao National Park ( Petchabun )( น้ำหนาว )

Nam Nao National Park

Nam Nao National Park
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The Nam Nao National Park is an immense tract of forest still in perfect condition. With pineries, grasslands and virgin jungles, it is habitat to large number of animals and more than 100 species of birds. During December-January, the mercury could drop to as low as 2-5 degrees Celsius. The park headquarters is about 50 kilometres to the west of Lom Sak district on Highway No. 12. Points of interest are spread out. Attractions reached by taking Highway No. 12 (Lom Sak-Chum Phae) include:-

Nam Nao National Park is very attractive place for sightseeing having beautiful mountains which are the sources of many important rivers such as Pa-Sak,Nam Phong and Loei rivers. The Department of Forestry announced this park to be the National Reservation Forest Area in B.E. 2507(1954) and later to be the National Park on May 4, B.E. 2515(1972) The area has cold weather and there are many wild animals such as bison, elephant, deer, wild dong, tiger, rabbit, jungle fowl, phesant and many pretty birds. There are many beautiful waterfalls and caves such as Husi Pla-Lad Cave or Morakot Cave, Pha-Hong Cave, Nam Nao Cave, Huai Sai Waterfall, Sai-Thong Waterfall, Pran Nok Waterfall etc

Nam Nao A tale of large forest. ( Thanaboon J.)

Nam Nao Upon a high mountain where forest and reservoir are abundant, Nam Nao is a natinonal park binding the Northem region with the Eastern region.No wonder how nice it is.At the end of Winter till the start of Summer, or every Feb to Mar, the color-changing forest is khown the most beautiful. ( Thanaboon J. )

One of the top-ten popular national park of Thailand the charm of Nam Nao is its cool weather. Hence saying that no showering at Nam Nao.

Wildlife , an exciting of the treking trip

'We erect a tent and cooking here. The weather outside is so cold but we are so happy"

Camping area near the tourist center. eateries and lavatories. Tent for rent is avaiable at the office. There are 10 bangalows nearby.

Geography of Nam Nao

The pristine nature of Nam Nao is diversified. Either pinery , sceneric viewpoint , sunrise viewpoint. foggy ocean in the valley , waterfall , treking or bird watching is available here. Therefore, no wonder it is visitted as usual.

Being the fifth National Park of Thailand announced in the year 1972, the area of 966 or 603750 rai of Nam Nao covers several districts of Petchabun,including Muang,Lom Kao,Lom Sak, and Klong San District of Chaiyaphum Province, or It is a link between the Northern and Eastern region

The Chanai'Nam Nao Forest

Nam Nao pinery is reputed for its as beauty as those on Phu Kradoeng. There are both two-leaf type and three-leaf type of about 800 meter high from the sea level.

Furthermore. Nam Nao is fulled of various kind of forest including the red forest , the light forest, the thick forest and economical plants.

Aside from the wide beautiful pinery, color changing forest of Nam Nao is reputed as well. This event start by the end of Winter till the start of Summer, when the green leaves of Deciduous dipterocarp forest turn red before falling. presenting a nice look onto the scenery.

Bird Watching.

This is not occur with because its strip – shaped leaves help water saving.
The varity is sort of forest enhance bird habitat.With avery convenient visit,
Nam Nao is,thus, a meeting place for bird – watching lovers. The site is habitat of various kind of animal as well.
In light forest, field and thick forest food and water is available all years,thus it is a good habitat for various kind of animals.

Nature trip in Nam Nao National Park

Tourist Center.

Location : At Nam Nao National Park’s headoffice. 50 km from the entrance.

Highlight : Library , conference room , exhibition room and interesting information of places plants animals.

There is a slide show,at 7.00 pm every night ,about animals and the park.
The ground in front of the center is a good sport for an explonation of the sky.

Travelling : Take the route no.12 ( Phitsanulok-Lomsak-Chumphar ) . At Km 185 marked prior to the Nam Nao National Park, there is an amaze and beautiful highest bridge of Thailand.namely Phor Khum Pha Muang Bridge, which its 180 km length is stretched on the tall poles-the highest one is 50 meters.Viewing the bridge is available.
Leaving the Pha Daeng Bridge until arriving the Km 50 turn right for 1.5 km to the park.

Hiking trails on Nam Nao National Park
1) Tourist center-Dong Mafai-Tung Nanol 2.5 km
2) Tourist – Sceneric –viewpoint –Tung Nanoi 4 km
3) Huay Takhroe, 1.1 km
4) Tourist-Sunrise sceneric viewpoint , 2.7 km

Route 1
Center point-Dongmafai-Tung Nanoi(ศูนย์บริการนักท่องเที่ยว-ดงมะไฟ-ทุ่งนาน้อย)
Distance : 2.5 km

The route: Trek throught thick forest cross the brook.

Highlight: From the tourist center,cross Huary Chanahingyamasua and trek up along the brook then another brook namely Huay Yakhroe. The surrounding is thick forest.Luckily with enough quiet, trekkers may see (ไก่ฟ้าหลังขาว) Too.out of the thick forest.there are Dry dipterocarp forest and pinery until the end at a wide field, called Tung Nanoi

Route 2
Center point-View Point-Tung Nanoi

Distance: 4.8 km

The route in brief: Treking through a thick forest , up and down the hill and cross water ways.

Highlight : Being on the first trail but turn to the sceneric viepoint, find the sign of Lan Hin Tak, then Huay Namchoen . The trail is not hard. There are stange plants and plenty of low-leveled plants.
Out of the thick forest is bamboo forest where is elephants’habitat .At the sceneric viewpoint there is a big Sai which its fruit is a birds’ favorite.

Route 3
Hua Ya Khroe
Distance: 1.1 kmHighlight : Start from the rear of the tourist center, then get over the bridge to the thick forest which is fulled of (เถาวัลย์) There is a ค่างแว่น . watch point.Normally ค่างแว่น come out to the sun in the morning.
Then, continue to forest and bamboo forest. Hereby, there is an interesting big Prong.

Route 4
Center point-Sun Rise point
Distance : 2.7 km
The trail in brief : Thich forest , not high slope.
Highlight : From the tourist center to Huay Ya Khroe, the leads hikers th Wild fowl habitat, big Sai of hundreds years of age, elephants’ route , the sence f difference between Thick forest and Dry dipterocarp forest
Finally , hiking up for some 600 meters to the Sunrise viewpoint.
Tip : Do backward trip by dribing up to view the sunrise , the walk down back to the center for breakfast.

How to go?

By Car

To get to Nam Nao from Khon Kaen follow highway 12 for 145 km. to the km. 50 point and then turn right and follow the road for 2km. to the Park entrance. From Lom Sak follow Highway 12 for 55 km. to km. 50 point and then turn left and follow the road for a further 2km. to the park.

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