-Haew Sai Waterfall ( น้ำตกเหวทราย )

Haew Sai Waterfall

The best time to visit Nam Nao’s Waterfall is in Winter and Rainny Season

Travelling Haew Sai Waterfall is about 500 meters for from each other,At the Km 67 marked on the route no.1 ( Lomsak-Chumphae). Get the car parks. Haew Sai Waterfall is about 1 km. The water, of the beautiful Sham Sai Creek. Fall down almost 20 meters over a larch rock formation where man can stand underneath . The Saithong Waterfall is 30 meter wide and 4 meter high and wonderfull.

Taad Phranba Waterfall is reach by the route no.2216 ( Baan Huay Sanamsal-Lomkao) at km 20 . It is 30 meters high. The water falls 2 sters from Choen River.